Jan 24, 2018
The rollout of mobile 5G networks is expected to drive the next major round of wireless infrastructure spending, but tower owners expect to see a pickup in spending long before the first 5G smartphones are announced. They see network operators continuing to invest in LTE networks even as they redesign their networks for 5G.
Jan 22, 2018
Wireless Carriers are feeling the pressure to complete small cell infrastructure buildouts to keep up with increasing demand for faster data speeds, particularly in preparation for 5G, as expectations grow for the next generation network to become a reality. This growth in demand, fueled largely by increasing video consumption and streaming activity among wireless consumers, is only going to continue to increase due to the reintroduction of unlimited data plans this year by all four of the major US wireless carriers.
Sep 28, 2017
Vertical Bridge is partnering with its sister company DataBank, a Dallas-based data center provider, to develop micro data centers (MDC) that will host edge computing at the base of cell towers. The two companies’ parent corporation, Digital Bridge, publicly announced the plan to enter data centers back in 2014.
Jul 05, 2017
The auction presented significant financial opportunities for the many broadcasters who participated, however, there are now a variety of issues that must be addressed.
May 01, 2017
AT&T is known as a cyclical spender when it comes to wireless network infrastructure, and the carrier’s $6.5 billion FirstNet award is expected to swing the spending pendulum in a positive direction. AT&T will need to add equipment to its towers to support the dedicated FirstNet spectrum, but it won’t happen right away.


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