Vertical Bridge has deep industry experience and a track record of closing deals on time, on budget and with minimal hassle for sellers. Our reputation is important to us, and it shows in every deal. With our established network, collaborative approach and experienced management team, Vertical Bridge is a valued resource for our clients.

Vertical Bridge owns, manages and operates a portfolio of both broadband and broadcast towers. We are the largest owner of broadcast towers and the largest private owner and manager of broadband towers in the US. We have experienced leasing and operations teams with specialists located at our Headquarters in Boca Raton as well as managers in the field, all devoted to serving your co-location needs. We are committed to providing an efficient and seamless leasing process. 

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We provide Build-to-Suit tower services across the country for all wireless carriers and can take on a project at any stage of development. We have the ability to deploy large amounts of capital to handle projects of any size, and our team has built thousands of towers for customers in all 50 states. We work with local municipalities, carriers, and site acquisition resources to find sites that resolve issues with coverage gaps or capacity to implement a fast and flexible solution for our clients. 

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Vertical Bridge utilizes a master/sub lease structure.  This allows us to bring you more business than you would be able to get on your own due to our pre-negotiated master lease agreements.  Carriers want ease and speed, and the master/sub-lease agreements that we use at Vertical Bridge are the mechanism that provide it.  

For tower owners looking to generate income through a sale of assets, Vertical Bridge can work with you to ensure you receive the value envisioned. We close deals quickly and for the best possible price, whether it’s for one or 100 towers. We turn around a valuation analysis without delays and follow through with a swift closing. Vertical Bridge’s expertise in maximizing revenue also helps owners who do not want to sell, but want incremental income, by managing and marketing market assets through our rich database of interested clients and tenants. 

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With increasing demand for data usage as people use the internet to manage more and more aspects of their lives, the wireless industry has had to evolve quickly and seamlessly. We offer a variety of structures for small cell and IoT co-locations, allowing our customers to provide better capacity and coverage without bigger footprints. Antennas no longer have to mean large, visible structures. 

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At Vertical Bridge, we make it our priority to ensure our valued landlords are satisfied. Our landlords have an opportunity to receive a lump sum payment or structured payout verses the current lease rent payments. 

Cash today can be a tremendous advantage in meeting current financial plans and goals.  At Vertical Bridge we strive to meet the varied requests of our landlords and offer several income options for convenience. 

Do you have a tower or rooftop antenna on your property that is owned by Vertical Bridge?  

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Where Are Vertical Bridge's 61,000 Assets Located?