Jan 07, 2020
How one privately held company is advancing wireless communication
Jan 06, 2020
Most would agree that while the wireless sector started 2019 off strong, it did not maintain its momentum for the whole year. Although 2019 wasn’t necessarily bad, it certainly wasn’t the sector’s best year in recent memory. Despite eye-catching headlines, much of this year’s news revolved around expectations of what’s to come, rather than explaining what’s already happening in the sector. And, while looking ahead is good, we need to understand where we are, so we can think about where we are going.
Jun 05, 2019
As the USA’s largest private tower company, Vertical Bridge is well-positioned to take advantage of the soaring demand for data at the dawn of a new 5G era.
Feb 05, 2019
Prices for telecommunications towers are high, and they have been high for a long time, according to Alex Gellman, cofounder and CEO of Vertical Bridge, the largest private owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure in the United States.
Jan 24, 2019
With an increasing amount of private equity funds pouring into telecoms infrastructure, towerco veteran Alex Gellman believes the US towers sector has a promising future, and decided to get back to business in 2014 after selling Global Tower Partners to American Tower (NYSE:AMT) for US$4.8bn.


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