Jul 05, 2017
The auction presented significant financial opportunities for the many broadcasters who participated, however, there are now a variety of issues that must be addressed.
May 01, 2017
AT&T is known as a cyclical spender when it comes to wireless network infrastructure, and the carrier’s $6.5 billion FirstNet award is expected to swing the spending pendulum in a positive direction. AT&T will need to add equipment to its towers to support the dedicated FirstNet spectrum, but it won’t happen right away.
Apr 26, 2017
Cable and media giant Comcast clearly intends to be a player in the market for wireless services. With tens of millions of Wi-Fi access points, an enterprise internet of things business, a mobile service offering on the Verizon network and a new set of low-band spectrum licenses, the company has some options.
Apr 20, 2017
Why did the nearly $20 billion in gross revenues from the FCC’s incentive auction come in at around half of what had been originally predicted by a myriad of analysts? Timing and the evolution of the carrier’s needs, according to one expert.
Apr 18, 2017
The industry is attempting to unpack the results of the recently ended FCC Broadcast Incentive Auction, which was highlighted by T-Mobile spending $7.9 billion, DISH Network spending $6.2 billion and Comcast spending $1.7 billion. Who won? Who lost? Where are the opportunities?


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